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Where to watch NBA TV in Cignal Philippines

In this article, we will help you with the information you need in order to watch NBA using Cignal satellite cable in the Philippines.

What channel to watch NBA on Cignal TV.
  • NBA HD is Channel 262
  • NBA SD(non-HD) is channel 96
What plans is NBA HD channel 262  available.
  • Postpaid plan 520 and up
  • Prepaid plan 600 and up
  • Liteload 50
  • Liteload 70
What plans is NBA SD channel 96 available on Cignal TV.
  • Prepaid plan 450 and up
  • Liteload 50
  • Liteload 75
What are Liteload 50 and Liteload 75?

Liteload is a prepaid load plan for Cignal that is only valid for two days. Below are the channels included for Liteload 50 and 75.

  1. Liteload 50- 16 HD channels and 69 SD channels including NBA TV
  2. Liteload 75- 23 HD channels and 84 SD channels including NBA TV
Where to reload Cignal prepaid online?

The easiest and most convenient way to reload Cignal prepaid is thru GCASH. To reload, open your Gcash App>Tap buy load> Enter a Smart mobile number(DO NOT USE GLOBE) where you want to receive the epin>scan to “PAYTV” and choose the desired load.

Other ways to reload Cignal prepaid online:

  1. BPI Mobile- direct loading (no need for extra steps)
  2. Paymaya
  3. Coins.ph
  4. Shoppee
  5. Lazada
After receiving the epin, you have two ways to reload your Cignal TV:
  1. Via web loading tool- go to Cignal Web Loading tool website and enter your account number, epin, and the captcha> click submit.
  2. Via text message- using smart/TNT phone text CIGNAL <space> ePIN<space> CIGNAL ACCOUNT NUMBER and send it to 5353. Make sure your Cignal box is turned on or in standby mode.Example: CIGNAL  88861237923185 35145421 (send to 5353).

Other places where you can reload Cignal prepaid: 

Load Retailers

Remittance Centers

Online (via App)

Bayad CenterLoad Central 

Smart Load Retailers

Mercury Drug (via Touchpay)

Muenchen (Cignal & SatLite)

Teleprenuer (Cignal & SatLite)


M. LhuillierCebuana Lhuillier 

Western Union

Palawan Pawnshop

True Money






Just in case you need it, here is Cignal TV contact information:

Telephone line – 8888-5555

Mobile – 0949-9977600 up to 7603

Email – sales@cignal.tv