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TESDA Offers FREE Online Training Courses for Everyone with Certificate of Completion

TESDA has a platform that aims to help everyone study at the comfort of their home through their TOP or TESDA Online Program. This program offers several online courses from Agriculture, Tourism, Information Technology, Electronics, and many more.

The online courses being offered here are free of charge. Anyone who can complete the course will get a free certificate of completion. Be mindful that this certificate of completion is different from a training certificate.

Here is the promotional video and also a brief explanation of how to create an account and start right away.

Meanwhile, here are the offered courses and training along with the course overview.


  • Fruit Grower – Fruit Grower covers lessons on the preparation of the plant site, growing of plant seedlings and tree, as well as monitoring and harvesting of fruit.


  • Diesel Engine Tune-Up – Diesel Engine Tune-Up covers the competence required to carry out engine maintenance to keep the vehicle in good running condition, maintain its optimum engine performance, and prevent serious engine trouble. This self-paced course is part of Automotive Servicing NC I.
  • Automotive Battery Servicing – Automotive Battery Servicing covers the competence required to service, remove, replace, test, and charge automotive batteries. This self-paced course is part of Automotive Servicing NC II.


  • Solar Night Light Assembly – Solar Night Light Assembly covers the knowledge and skills needed to assemble, test, and troubleshoot solar night lamp. This material can also be used to deepen one’s understanding of the process and the system used to turning solar energy into consumable energy using solar-powered generation technology.


  • STAR Online Training Program
  • Managing Your Personal Finance
  • Start and Improve Your Business

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration

  • Packaged Air Conditioner Unit Servicing – This covers the competence required on the installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance of the indoor and outdoor Package Air Conditioning Unit (PACU). This course is part of RAC Servicing (DOMRAC) NC II.

Human Health

  • Massage Therapy NCII – This is one of the introductory courses for Swedish, Shiatsu, and Thai massage, and is a requirement, whether you want to study all the three modalities or just want to focus on one.

Information and Communication Technology

  • 3D Animation – Not yet available for students
  • Basic Computer Operation – This self-paced material is developed in partnership with Microsoft Corporation, Ltd. Basic Computer Operations covers the competence required to operate a personal computer by: starting the PC, logging in, using and working with files, folders, and programs, saving work and closing down the pc.
  • Microsoft Online Courses / C# Fundamentals for Beginners – C# Fundamentals for Beginners covers the competence required to undertake programming tasks using an object-oriented programming language. Competence includes tool usage, documentation, debugging, and testing techniques in support of the programming activity.
  • Microsoft Online Courses / Software Development Fundamentals -This self-paced material is developed in partnership with Microsoft Corporation, Ltd. Software Development Fundamentals covers the competence required to undertake the concepts of software developments that all developers need to know.
  • Smart Technopreneurship – SMART Technopreneurship 101 covers the competence required to undertake effective entrepreneurial knowledge and practical skills for one to form and develop a technology-based business or enterprise.
  • Udacity – Unavailable
  • Udemy Courses – Create an Android app after taking this course in Android development! You will learn everything from basic concepts of Android Programming to creating games and simulations. This class is a beginner-intermediate course, ideally for someone who knows some Java before taking the course and will provide you the tools you need to build an Android app from scratch.
  • Web Development Using HTML5 and CSS3 – This course is about web design. It will walk you through how to make functional and beautiful websites using HTML5 and CSS3.

Lifelong Learning Skills

  • Skills to Succeed Academy – The Skills to Succeed Academy engages participants through interactive modules featuring relatable characters, advanced learning technologies, and interactive exercises.
  • Job Interview Training Skills – Land your dream job and master your interview skills by studying specific interviewing techniques such as body language, learning how to prepare for an interview, and practicing common interview questions in this class. This course is relevant to anyone in job marketing, whether you are completely new to the job market, re-entering the workforce, or looking to advance your career.
  • How to Build Confidence in Your Abilities – Achieve your goals and develop your confidence through this personal development class! Through scientific research and expert experience, you will learn about behavior, therapy, motivation, and more to become confident in your skills.


  • Ships’ Catering NC III – covers additional topics included in Maritime Labour Convention 2006 and is adopted by International Labour Convention (ILO). This course focused specifically on the preparation of nutritionally balanced diet and on the supervision/administration of the galley area.

Social, Community Development and Other Services

  • Beauty Care Services (Nail Care) NC II – qualification consists of competencies that a person must achieve, such as performing manicure and pedicure, performing hand spa, and performing foot spa.


    • Bread and Pastry Production – Preparing Cakes covers knowledge and skills required by bakers and pastry cooks (patissiers) to produce, fill, decorate, and present a range of specialized sponges and cakes, where finish decoration and presentation of a high order is required.
    • Cookery NC II – The qualification consists of competencies that a person must perform/achieve including preparing hot, cold meals and desserts for guests in various food service facilities. To attain the National Certificate for Cookery NC II, the candidate may apply for assessment in any accredited Assessment Centers and must demonstrate competence in all units/clusters of core units of this Qualification.
    • Food and Beverage Servicing NC II – Qualification consists of competencies that a person must achieve to provide food and beverage service to guests in various food and beverage service facilities. To attain the National Qualification of Food and Beverage Services NC II, the candidate may apply for assessment in any accredited Assessment Centers and must demonstrate competence in all units/clusters of core units of the Qualification.
  • Front Office Services NC II – Introduction to Front Office (FO) Services covers lessons that will help you know and understand the duties and responsibilities of the front office department. In addition to that, this module will be tackling the specifications and job descriptions of front office staff, as well as the design and equipment used in the front office.
  • Housekeeping NC II – qualification consists of competencies that a person must achieve to prepare guest rooms, clean public areas, and equipment, provide housekeeping services, provide valet services, handle intoxicated guests, and laundry linen and guest clothes to a range of accommodation services.


  • Trainers Methodology Level I – consists of competencies a TVET trainer or assessor must achieve, such as plan training sessions, facilitate learning sessions, supervise work-based learning, conduct competency assessment, maintain training facilities and utilize electronic media in facilitating training.
  • Trainers Methodology Level II  – consists of competencies a TVET trainer or technical trainer performing function as training designer/developer must achieve. assessor must achieve, including the conduct of training needs analysis, develop training curriculum, develop learning materials, develop competency assessment tools, design and develop a maintenance system, and develop learning materials for eLearning.

21st Century Skills

  • Environmental Literacy The 21st-century skills cover the knowledge needed in exercising, evaluating, developing or enhancing, managing and sustaining effective, sustainable development procedures. These are basic competencies that everybody needs in order to perform satisfactorily at work and in society and are considered portable and transferable irrespective of jobs and industrial settings.Here in this course, you will learn the required knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to orient oneself to environmentally sustainable work standards and how to exercise sustainable development in your workplace.
  • Workplace CommunicationThe 21st-century skills are know-hows required for a learner to exercise, evaluate, develop, and enhance sustainable development procedures in order to better adapt to the changing 21st-century workplace environment. Whatever position you hold in the workplace, these are skills that will be necessary and beneficial to any employee of the workforce.This course aims to tap on the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required when responding, participating, leading, utilizing, managing and sustaining effective communication. These lessons would hopefully help in transforming you into workers or employees who not only knows how to effectively communicate but also workers who can effectively listen.

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