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Real Estate Salesperson PRC Requirements 2022

In this post, I will teach you how I was able to submit my application to PRC as a Real Estate Salesperson. We will start by listing down the requirements.

Requirements to comply in applying as Real Estate Salesperson to PRC.

1. Application form

Fill out the form with your broker’s signature, license number, license validity, and registration date. Without a real estate broker, you can apply as an accredited real estate salesperson.

2. Notarized copy real estate salesperson 12-unit brokerage training seminar.

I got mine from PREVAIL. This is a 3-day seminar about Real Estate Service Act., Taxation regarding real estate properties., etc. Prevail offers this seminar online. You might also want to check Bacolod REPAB. They also offer the same seminar with less fee.

3. Transcript of Records or Certificate from your school that you completed 2 years of college.

You may request this at the school where you attended your college. It would be better if you can ask the registrar to put a notation that the paper is for PRC.

4. PSA or NSO Live Birth Certificate

5. 2 pcs 1.25″ x 1.25″ recent ID picture with white background.

In my case, they only need one picture.

6. Original copy of NBI Clearance.

You need to utilize NBI online for a hassle-free transaction as you need to set up an appointment.

7. Certificate of Undertaking

You can get this on PRC. It will be your broker to fill this out.

8. Photocopy of your broker’s ID(back and forth) with 3 signatures

9. Photocopy of your valid ID

Once you already have all these documents, you can go directly to the nearest PRC office. No need to book an appointment online. In my case, after they evaluated all the documents, they asked me to have 2 photocopies of all the documents.

Downloadable Forms for Accreditation of Real Estate Salesperson: 

Real Estate Salesperson Application form

Declaration of Undertaking