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PVU: How to convert saplings to seed

In Plants vs Undead NFT game, you can convert 100 Sunflower saplings to 1 seed with a fee of 4 PVU tokens and a minimum of 0.02 BNB for a gas fee.

Before claiming your seed, however, it is important to check if there are claimable seeds in the seed pool to avoid errors. Remember, if an error occurs when you claim your hard-earned seed, there is a possibility that the delivery of seed may get delayed for hours. Others waited for days.

Below are the steps to convert your saplings to seed.

1. Make sure you have 4 PVU tokens and at least 0.02 BNB for the gas fee.

2. Check the PVU seed pool. Scroll down to #16. getSeedFarmLength. Personally, I would only claim seed if the pool has more than 3000 in it.

The picture below shows around 32k seeds. It is a very good time to claim your seed.

3. If you have 100 saplings, click the saplings icon as shown.

4. When the pop-up dialogue pops up. Click confirm and wait for the confirmation message.

5. Now go to “My Account” > “Claim Seeds”, and click the PVU icon.

6. Metamask will pop up twice so make sure to approve them. For mobile users, this will be done in a separate window. If you fail to approve the Metamask transaction, claiming seed won’t push through.

7. If you were able to approve both transactions, you can now check under “Seeds”. You should be able to see your seed and you can grow it for 24 hours.

If it didn’t show up yet, wait for a few minutes as the delivery of seed can take minutes based on experience.

8. You can do an “ultrasound” of your plant to see how it looks like when it grows after 24 hours. Go to PVU lookup tool and enter your plant ID.