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Plants vs Undead(PVU) prices and rates farm guide

If you are trying to find out the in-game pricing and rates to play Plants vs Undead(PVU), this guide is for you. This guide will help you plan to maximize your investment.


  • PVU to LE: 1 PVU = 105 LE (minimum of 5 PVU)


  • 500 LE = 1 PVU with at least 1 NFT plant/land(+10% after next week until farm 3.0 release)
  • Cannot exchange without permanent plant (NFT plant)

100x Water:

  • 100x water = 50 LE

20x Scarecrow: 

  • 20x scarecrow = 20 LE

Small Pot: 

  • Small pot=50 LE
  • A small pot is used every time we plant a Sunflower sapling or sunflower mama.

Big Pot:

  • Big pot = 100 LE (usage: 30 days)
  • Not really needed in farm mode for Sunflower saplings and Mama.
  • It is used for regular plants to increase the seed drop rate by 1%.

Sunflower Sapling:

  • Sunflower sapling = 100 LE
  • Sunflower saplings can give 250 LE in 72 hours after planting.
  • You need a small pot to plant saplings

Sunflower Mama:

  • Sunflower mama= 200 LE
  • Sunflower mama can give 850 LE after 144 hours or 6 days.
  • You need a small pot to plant sunflower mama.


  • 10 LE
  • Can be used 10x, each use lasts for 24 hours
  • Protects plants the next day(
  • Do not use this for sunflowers(they are not affected by weather events)

Remember that every day, the quest reward is 100 LE and 1 sun box, and 4 saplings(total rewards from 1-6). You will also need to water your own plant twice a day before the reset time (00:00 UTC) or 8AM PHT. If you planted a plant you will also need to have a scarecrow to chase crow on your plant.