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Plants vs Undead(PVU): Farm guide

Plants vs Undead or PVU has now upgraded the farm to the new farm 2.0. Mechanics and rules have been changed. We now have more ways to earn from farming.

Here are some of the important information you should know about the new farm.


Farm 2.0 is now inactive until September 12 and will be replaced by Farm 2.5 with a different system and rewards. Check the information below.

Farm 2.0

1. To claim your lost LE from the previous farm version. Head to your farm and click on harvest all and all your lost LE will be added to your account.


2. Reward in watering is now fixed at 50 LE and 1 sun box which you can get after your daily quest of watering 15 plants with water counts less than 200.

3. Chasing Crows is optional in the daily quest to get the 50 LE. If you however able to chase a crow, you have a 10% chance of getting 2 sunflower saplings.

4. Once you reached 15 watering in a day, you have to click the claim button to get your 50 LE and 1 sun box.

5. Sunflower saplings and Sunflower mama can be planted in a small pot worth 50LE. Your sunflower needs two waters in a day which you can do at the same time.

6. To plant your sunflower saplings, you have to buy first a small pot then go to your Farm>Select/claim your free land>under your plant inventory. Click your sunflower and you’re done.

7. Sunflower saplings will give you 250 LE in 72 hours. Meanwhile, sunflower mama can give you 850LE in 144 hours. In free land, you can plant up to 5 samplings and 1 mama.

8. Guard your plants against the crows. Only you(the owner) can chase it. The crow will stop the timer to harvest your plant. Therefore, the harvest time for your LE will be longer.

Always check PVU farming schedule according to which batch you belong. You may also check the official discord channel.

Update: September 19, 2021

PVU Farm 2.5 guide

1. Farm 2.5 will start on September 12, 2021, 8 AM PHT

2. LE to PVU exchange in farm 2.5

  • No NFT plant ( not allowed). If you don’t own any NFT plant, you can no longer exchange your LE to PVU.
  • at least 1 NFT plant – 1 PVU= 150 LE
  • PVU to LE: 1 PVU=105 LE

3. Watering neighbor’s plant(currently disabled Daily Quest) will be replaced by the World Tree. All players will go together to water the world tree. Here’s the reward matrix for watering the world tree.

  • Reward 1: 10LE – Requirement: 4,000,000 water
  • Reward 2: 15LE  – Requirement: 6,000,000 water
  • Reward 3: 25LE  – Requirement: 9,000,000 water
  • Reward 4: 1 Sun box  – Requirement: 12,000,000 water
  • Reward 5: Every plant is automatically fully watered for the next day(NA yet) + 50LE  – Requirement: 15,000,000 water
  • Reward 6: 4 saplings at 50M water
  • You need to contribute a minimum of 20 water to get the rewards.

4. You can exchange 100 Sunflower saplings to seed with a fee of 4 PVU and a gas fee of 0.025BNB (gas fee based on experience only, the actual gas fee is lower but you need at least 0.02-0.026 just to be safe). Make sure you have enough funds before claiming your seed to avoid any problems.

Updated September 19, 2021 with new mechanics.