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Plants vs Undead: Tips on where the find coordinates of plants to water

I’ve been playing “Plants vs Undead” P2E game for a while now and allow me to share with you some tips on where to find plants to water in the game especially that we only have a limited time to farm for now.


Farming mechanics were changed. Check the new game mechanics here> Farm 2.0 guide for watering plants and chasing crows. 

My first time in the game was also a disaster because I don’t have someone to talk to or ask for tips to earn more LE. After doing some research, here are the things that I can share with you to earn LEs.

1. Only water plants with water count below 100 for you to get LE in return. My best practice is only to water plants with water counts below 50. Don’t worry if it is hard to find plants like these because we are given 1 hour every 3 hours to farm.

2. Join the official Discord channel of Plants vs Undead. Find the Philippines-Filipinas chat in the channel. Here you can see members giving out coordinates of plants with low water. Remember, the lower the water count in the plant, the more LE you get.

Plants vs Undead discord

If you are benefiting from other members, it would be nice as well to share some coordinates as well if you are lucky to find a plant with low water counts. Remember, you can only water plants once so there is no sense to keep the information by yourself.

Update: Chatroom for every country like the Philippines-Filipinas is no longer available. 

3. Join “Plants vs Undead” Facebook groups. Here, you can find people creating group chats for each group. Everyone in the group helps each other find coordinates.

Plants vs Undead fb groups

4. Use coordinates when opening the land. This will lessen your chance of opening the same land.

5. The best time to water plants is a few hours before closing which is 8 AM in the morning PH time. Why? At this time, most players are already exhausted with their 15 watering credits per day. So the probability of finding a low-watered plant is significantly higher.

Aside from this, there is nothing else I can share to make the most of your journey in PVU by just watering plants and hunting for crows.

If you can’t log in to your schedule, maybe it was changed again, always check PVU farming schedules.

If you are looking for the whitepaper of “Plants vs Undead”, you can download the PDF copy here. PVU Whitepaper.