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Plants vs Undead (PVU) farming batch schedule

Plants vs Undead teams and moderators are constantly changing the farming schedule, especially after maintenance. In this article, we will keep track of the batch schedule for PVU farmers so it would be easy for them to see their schedule to log in.

Groupings are now back with 10 groups. Each group can attend their farm and water the world tree for 30 minutes.

PVU Batch Schedule

Here is the new schedule as of September 23, 2021

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PVU PH Discord Community

If you are not from the Philippines, please use this time converter.

How to find which batch you belong in Plants vs Undead (PVU)?

No one knows.

The best thing to do is to log in at each of the given times above. For example, if it is 10AM, try to log in at 10: 21 AM, if you can log in, this means you belong to batch 3. You will then follow the schedule for batch 3 for your next login.

If you can’t log in at 10:21 AM, try again at 11:21 AM, if you can, then you are in batch 1. If you still can’t log in, then you get the idea.

After three consecutive hours and you still can’t log in, maybe your account is still new and may not be included in the list yet. In my own experience, the second time I was able to log in is around 48 hours after the first time I was able to open the farm.

New update:

In the new update, to find out which group you belong to, just go to the farm and you will see on the screen the group where you belong.


Farm 2.0 guide:

PVU farm game mechanics have been changed. Check this the new PVU mechanics here> Farm 2.0 new watering/ chasing crow guide.

You may check the official discord channel of PVU for more information. If you are still planning to join, you may check this tutorial on how to start playing PVU.

Happy farming everyone.