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How to convert Metamask currency to PHP

Metamask currency is not automatically set to PHP but we can easily change it to any currency we want by following these simple steps.

By converting the currency in Metamask to PHP, it will be easier for us to keep track of our “gas fee” in our own currency especially if we are playing crypto games just like Cryptoblades.

To change Metamask currency to PHP, do the following:
1. Click the Metamask icon on your browser.
2. Click the “account icon”, then find the settings at the bottom.

Metamask account settings


3. Under “General Settings”, select “PHP- Philippine Peso” under “General Conversion”, then under “Primary Currency” select “Fiat”. After selecting, the system will just automatically save your selection.


Metamask General settings-php-fiat

3. Go back to “Settings” and scroll down to “Show Conversion on Testnets” option and turn it on.

metamask testnets conversions

4. Verify that your account is now in PHP. The BNB balance should now show the PHP balance. Your gas transactions now will also give you the PHP conversion.

PHP in metamask