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New Philhealth Contribution Table 2020-2025

Below is the new contribution table to be implemented by PHILHEALTH which started last December 7, 2019. This table also shows the scheduled increase in contribution until 2025.

philhealth contribution table
The new Philhealth contribution table

For employed members, the contribution premium still depends on the basic monthly summary.

For self-employed members, land-based OFW, and practicing professionals, the premium contribution is based on how much you earned.

Starting December 7, 2019 direct contributions for members earning 10,000 pesos or less, your monthly contribution is 300 pesos. Just 25 pesos more than what you are paying in the previous years.

Those who are earning between 10,000.01 to 59,999.99 your monthly contribution is 3% of that. That’s between 300 to 1800.

If you are earning at least 60,000 pesos per month, your monthly premium contribution is 1,800.

Premium rates starting in the year 2020 will also increase by 0.5% for each succeeding year until it reaches 5% in the year 2024.

Here is the official press release from Philhealth.