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Paypal to Gcash: How to cash in for free

Cashing in to your GCASH from Paypal is free. You just need to link your Paypal account to Gcash to easily transfer your money in real time.

Here are the steps to transfer your money from Paypal to Gcash for free:

1. Make sure you have both your Paypal and GCASH accounts verified.

2. Link your Paypal. Open your GCASH account, tap the “Profile” icon at the bottom right part, go to linked accounts> tap the Paypal icons> login using your Paypal account> confirm linking.

3. Convert your money on Paypal to PHP. If money is already in PHP, proceed to step 4.

To convert money from any currency to PHP, login to your Paypal using a browser. ( as of writing, you can’t convert money using the mobile app). Click “3 vertical dots” then click either the “Go to PayPal balance” or “Manage currencies”.

Since this money is in USD, click the “3 vertical dots” beside the currency and then click “Convert Currency”. Click PHP and enter the amount you want to convert.

3. Once linking is successful and money is now in PHP, open your GCASH App and click the “Cashin” icon> choose “Paypal” and you will see the available funds from Paypal to cash in.

4. Processing based on my experience is in real-time.

5. If you got an error doing this, you have to unlink your Paypal and relink it. This is a common issue and the unlink-relink trick usually solves the problem.

That’s how easy it is to transfer your money from Paypal to GCASH. Remember that Gcash can always change their minds about the fees. For now, it is absolutely FREE to cash in.