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How to pay MP2 using GCASH

Paying your Pag-IBIG Mp2 Savings account using GCASH App is very easy. All you need to have is your MP2 account number and money on your GCASH wallet.

In this article, I will share how I pay my MP2 savings account using the GCASH App for you to see the flow and have an idea if you want to so.

Before making a payment, verify first if there are service interruptions on the online facility of GCASH as they are posting advisories regularly.

To pay your MP2 savings using GCASH do the following
1. Login to your GCASH App account and click “Pay Bills” option.

Gcash app pay bills

2. Under the Biller Categories, click on the “Government” option.


GCASH government

3. Scroll down and look for Pag-IBIG.


4. Under “select type” you have here three options. Click on MP2 savings option. Then enter your Mp2 account number. Enter the amount you want to deposit(remember it should be less than 500 pesos. Choose the covered month, and email where you want to receive the confirmation.

GCASH Pag-IBIG account type

5. Click Next and review all the information you entered and tap confirm.

GCASH Pag-IBIG confirmation

6. You will now receive a confirmation message if the transaction is successful. You will also receive a separate confirmation on the email address you provided. Make sure to download this receipt as you might be needing it soon if there are discrepancies.

GCASH payment receipt

In this transaction, the payment was posted on my MP2 account after 2 days. I paid in GCASH on April 13, 2021 and it reflected in my virtual Pag-IBIG account on the morning of April 15.

Posted Mp2 payment in GCASH


How long will it take for the payment to reflect on your Pag-IBIG virtual account?
Payment should reflect on your MP2 savings account in 2-3 business days. This is why it is important that you have an online account in Pag-IBIG so you can check if there is a discrepancy in your payments so you can address it immediately.


If you don’t have an online account yet you may check this guide so you can create one. Aside from GCASH, you can also pay your MP2 savings online using your Credit/Debit Card and Paymaya.

Pro tip: Avoid paying your contribution on weekends or holidays so your payment can reflect on your account as soon as possible.

What to do if your Pag-IBIG MP2 payments in GCASH did not reflect after 3 business days?
The first thing you must do is to calm down and verify if it is really 3 business days since. Remember that Saturday, Sunday, and holidays are not part of business days. Give it another day or two.
If the payment still did not reflect on your MP2 account, you can contact GCASH help center by posting a ticket.

GCASH post a ticket

Click this help center link and click on the blue icon on the top right(using pc). Fill out all the necessary information and be specific on your issue. You can add the files at the bottom including the receipt you downloaded.

To be honest, I have not tried posting a ticket yet(luckily) so I can’t give any information if how long will it take for them to respond.