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MAPFRE Insular Car Insurance: I Claimed Two Times With No Hassle

MAPFRE Insular car insurance is the in-house insurance offered to us when we purchased our Honda City 1.5 E CVT last October 2018. Since we trust Honda Philippines very much, we took the comprehensive insurance package without any doubt.

Insurance Cost:

PHP 20,602.50 including taxes and stamps

Insurance Coverage:  
  • Loss or Damage – equivalent to the total cash price of the car
  • Bodily Injured
  • Property damage
  • Driver / Passenger personal accident coverage
  • Acts of Nature-equivalent to the total cash price of the car
Our First accident: Stray Dog

Sadly, just after a month driving the new car with an odometer nearly 2000 km, I accidentally bumped a stray dog while traveling at 90 kph on a clear highway. This damaged the bumper and the screws underneath the hood.

Honda City Damaged Bumper Under MAFPRE Insular Insurance
The first accident damaged our front bumper

Claiming of Insurance

Days after, I reported it to our insurance officer, they assessed the damage and ordered the parts. In just two weeks, they called me that the parts needed already arrived.

Two days after surrendering the car for repair, our Honda City is already fixed and ready for pickup.

Participation cost we paid: 2,000 pesos

Damage cost: 12,000 pesos

Documents submitted upon claiming insurance coverage: Driver’s License and Police Report(not really needed)

Second Accident: Another Stray Dog

April 2019, we bumped into a stray dog once again while traveling in long-distance with my whole family. This accident damages the bumper and the radiator of the car.

Our insurance agent processed our claim and ordered the parts. This time, I did not bother to get a police report. They just asked for an incident report of what happened.

Honda City After Repair
I took this picture a few minutes after claiming our car for a second repair. It looks new once again.

Three weeks or a month after, the parts arrived and our car was fixed once again.

Participation we paid: 2,000 pesos

Damage: 40,000+ pesos

Required Documents: Driver’s License ( Mine is Unprofessional DL restrictions 1 and 2), incident report( form will be given to you by insurance officer)

My judgment:

Based on my personal experience, I really like this insurance company because claiming insurance is just hassle-free. They will assess the damage of your car while you watch the Television on the customer’s lobby. Free coffee, cold water, and free wifi are also offered for free.

Renewal of Insurance with MAPFRE Insular:

Since I had a great time with this MAPFRE Insular, I decided to renew our insurance with them. We paid PHP21,420 although I was thinking it would be cheaper since our car is already one year old.

Request quotation your car on MAPFRE Insular

You can request a quotation on MAPFRE Insular online. Just visit the quotation page, input the information about your vehicle and fill out the necessary information.

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