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LTO Common violation and penalty

In this article, we will discuss and list down the most common violations and the corresponding penalty imposed by Land Transportation Office or LTO.

ViolationPenalty (PHP)
No Helmet (driver or backrider)1,500
Driving without Driver’s license3,000
Failure to carry a driver’s license1,000
Invalid driver’s license3,000
Illegal Parking1,000
Disregarding Traffic Signs2,000
Driving under the influence of Alcohol/Drugs10,000
Minor Driving Motorcycle3,000
no OR/ CR1,000
No plate number5,000
Dirty Plate Number5,000
No Muffler5,000
Improvised Muffler5,000
No signal lights5,000
No tail lights5,000
No brake lights5,000
No headlights5,000
Defective brakes5,000
No side mirror5,000
No horn5,000
Expired License3,000
Failure to carry OR/CR1,000
Driving with a revoked, suspended, wrong restriction code3,000
Driving with a student license without the presence of a Professional driver3,000
Driving a vehicle with expired registration10,000
Driving a vehicle with a suspended license10,000
Unauthorized change in a vehicle (e.g, color)5,000
Not wearing shoes when driving a motorcycle2,000
Transferring plate number/sticker to a different vehicle10,000
Not wearing a seatbelt (driver)1,000
Not wearing a seatbelt (passenger)3,000
No seatbelt5,000
No side mirror5,000

These violations and penalties are valid as of writing. Other charges may apply upon payment.