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How to withdraw from Metamask to GCASH

It is easy to withdraw from Metamask to GCASH, may it be a token like Cryptoblade’s Skills, Plant vs Undead’s PVU, Cryptozoon’s Zoon, etc., as long as this token is on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).


We would like to reiterate that this tutorial is only for tokens in Binance Smart Chain. If your token is on Eth Mainnet or other networks, DO NOT FOLLOW this, you could lose your money. 

What do you need?

To convert your token from Metamask to GCASH with the smallest possible fee, you need a GCASH account and a verified Binance account.

If you have both, follow the steps below:

1. Convert your token to USDT by swapping it using Metamask, Apeswap, or Pancakeswap. Whichever gives you the highest USDT conversion, you go for it. We swap our token to USDT because it is less volatile and its price is not far from the standard USD fiat currency.

2.  Once your token is in USDT, go to Binance> Fiat and Spot> USDT, click deposit> Generate USDT Wallet address using

3. Copy this address and send your Metamask USDT to this address.

4. Swap your USDT from “Spot and Fiat” wallet and convert it to USDT P2P wallet. Go to “Wallet” > P2P > In USDT, select “transfer”> switch your USDT from “Fiat and Spot” wallet to “P2P wallet” and confirm.

5. Now you can sell it to people who are buying USDT in P2P trading. Click P2P trading> Sell> USDT> PHP in Fiat> and GCASH as payment. Check the limits minimum and maximum limit of buyers, if you are within this range, you can sell it. Remember to only confirm the transaction once you verified that the amount is already in your GCASH.

You may watch this video demo. This is about Skill but the process is entirely the same as long as your token is in BSC network.