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How to transfer money from GCASH to BDO

Transferring your funds from GCASH to your BDO account is a pretty straightforward process. All you need to have is a verified GCASH account and your BDO bank account information such as the account number and account name.

Transfer money from gcash to BDO

Granting that you have completed the GCASH verification process and have BDO account information handy, please follow the instruction below.

How to transfer money from GCASH to BDO
1. Open your GCASH App and tap the send money icon
2. You will be prompted with a few options, choose “Send to Bank”
3. Choose BDO Unibank from the bank options
4. Enter the amount, bank account name, and bank account number.


Before sending the money out, make sure that you fill out all the information correctly to avoid any hassle and difficulty in the future in case the money was sent to a different account.

In my own experience, the process happens realtime which means that the money is sent to my BDO account immediately.

I transferred as much as 28000 pesos at no charge at all. Please check GCASH terms and conditions as it could change without prior notice to their customer.