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How to start playing Plants vs Undead with 5 PVU

If you are just starting to play Plants vs Undead with the minimum 5 PVU. There are a few you can do to grow this. With the new mechanics, here’s what you can do.

At the start of the farm 2.5 September 19 update, this guide will be changed in line with the new reward system and PVU to LE conversion. Therefore, don’t follow this guide yet until this if you still see this message starting September 19, 8AM PHT.

Ways to earn in farming:

1. (Daily Quest is currently disabled)Completing the daily quest will give us 50 LE and 1 Sun Box. A Sun Box is a mystery box that can drop the following:

  • 30% to drop 100x water and 20x scarecrows
  • 30% to drop 2x small pots
  • 30% to drop 1x Sunflower Sapling
  • 9.9% to drop 1x Sunflower Mama
  • 0.1% to drop 1x seed

2. Planting Sunflower saplings can give us 250 LE after 3 days(72 hours).

3. Planting Sunflower mama can give us 850 LE in 6 days (144 hours)

4. Planting our own plant(very expensive, around 90 PVU).

In this article, since we only have 5 PVU. We can only earn from 1 to 3 ways above. From 5 PVU, we can swap it to LE with 1 PVU= 70 LE conversion and get 350 LE.

If you want to make your own plan, check the PVU in-game pricing and rates.

Current budget: 350 LE.

How to start:

1.Only buy 1 100x water worth 50 LE and complete the daily quest. Claim your 50 LE reward and surprise from Sun Box.

2. The next decision we make is based on what we get from the Sun box. Right now, we are back to our 350 LE balance.

Scenario 1:

If we get 20x Scarecrow and 100x Water.

What we can do:

-Buy Sunflower mama and small pot (total of 250 LE)

-Complete the quest for the next day, get the 50 LE reward. You can use the remaining 150 LE the next day based on what you get from the Sun Box.

Scenario 2:

If you got 2x small pots

What we can do:

-Buy 1 sunflower mama (200LE) and 1 sapling(100LE).

-You can use the remaining 50 LE in case a scarecrow shows on your farm. If no crow, don’t buy scarecrows because there is a very high chance that you can get it from your next reward in the sun box.

Scenario 2: 

If you got 1x sunflower sapling

What you can do:

-buy 1 small pot for the sapling (50 LE)

-buy 1 Sunflower mama and 1 small pot( 250 LE)

-use the remaining 50 LE for scarecrow if a crow shows up on the farm.

Scenario 3: 

If you got 1 Sunflower Mama.

What you can do:

-1 small pot for your Sunflower mama (50 LE)

-1 small pot and sunflower sapling (150 LE)

-the remaining 150 LE can be used to buy another set of a sapling with small pot the next-day depending on your rewards.

-you need to have a remaining balance in case a scarecrow shows up on your farm.

Scenario 4: 

If you got 1 seed.

What you can do:

-You need another 4 PVU in order to claim your seed. Therefore, you need to convert another money for 4 PVU. A seed can be grown into a plant that you can grow and sell for 90 PVU (check marketplace). You can also plant this on your farm and harvest the LEs it can drop. A plant has also the capability to drop another seed.

-Buy 2 sunflower saplings and a small pot (300 LE)

-the remaining 50 LE can be used to buy a scarecrow in care a crow shows up.

Scenario 5:  No Daily Quest

1. Buy sunflower mama (200 LE) and a small pot (50 LE), water (50 LE), scarecrow (20 LE). Remaining LE: 30 LE

2. Harvest after 6 days. New balance: 850 from sunflower mama and the remaining 30 LE (880 LE). You can now buy sunflower mama and saplings.

Key takeaway:

-Growing a sunflower mama can get us the biggest profit.

-Only buy a scarecrow if needed. You have 30% chance of getting a scarecrow from the Sun box. Crows only show 30% of the time on a farm so you can’t use the scarecrow often.