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How to reload Cignal Prepaid using Shoppe

In this tutorial, I will teach you how to reload your Cignal Prepaid using Shoppe app. Cignal listed 6 different online channels but in this article let’s just focus on Shoppe.

This method is done using the Shoppe app. I can’t find a way to do it using the web browser.

Here’s how to reload your Cignal Prepaid using Shoppe:
1. Open your Shoppe app and look for this icon labeled as “Load, Bills, & eServices” on the homepage then tap(click).
Cignal Reload on Shoppe-load, bills, and eservices
Look for this icon to buy Cignal prepaid load.
2. Under Bills, click or tap “TV Cable”.
3. Choose Cignal Prepaid as a biller and choose the desired amount you want to reload.
4. Proceed to checkout and wait for your EPIN. If after a sucessful purchase and you can’t find your PIN, go to your Shoppe personal account (a person icon) on lower left side that says “Me”. Click on “Digital Purchase” and scroll on “completed”.
Cignal reload using Shoppe-looking for EPINS
Click first 1 that says “me” and 2 which is “Digital Purchase” and scroll on completed purchase.

The PIN looks like this. The 15-digit number right after the word PIN is your EPIN. Disregard the serial number.

Cignal reload using shoppe-sample EPIN
The PIN is the 15-digit number after the word PIN.
5. Once you have your PIN, you may go to Cignal Loading Tool online to reload the PIN. You can also text the code on your phone. Just text CIGNAL <space> PIN<space> CIGNAL ACCOUNT NUMBER and send it to 5353. Make sure your Cignal box is turned on or in standby mode.

Example: CIGNAL  124220533789560 35145421 (send to 5353).

That’s how easy it is to use Shoppe to reload your Cignal Prepaid satellite cable. Also sometimes you can get a good discount from the shop.

Aside from Shoppe, Cignal also listed 5 other online channels where you can reload. That is thru BPI Online banking, GCASH, Paymaya, Lazada, and Megapay.