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How to play Plants vs Undead (PVU) in android and iOS

Don’t have a PC or a laptop? Well, you can still play Plants vs Undead (PVU) on your mobile phone. May it be an android or an iOS phone.

In order to play on our mobile phone, we need a browser that can support the Metamask plugin. Unfortunately, Google Chrome on mobile can’t install the plugin.

Here are the browsers where you can play Plants vs Undead on iOS and android:

1. Yandex Browser (this is the one I personally used)(Android, iOS)

2. Kiwi Browser (Android, iOS)

3. Metamask built-in browser (Android, iOS)

4. PVU Mobile App (currently android only)

Here is your step-by-step guide to playing PVU on a mobile phone

1. Download the Yandex browser/ Kiwi browser on android and iOS using the link above. (Kiwi is not available in iOS).

2. Using the browser, search for Metamask plugin and install. You might need to click the three dots at the bottom right of the browser and switch it to desktop mode to install the plugin.

3. Once Metamask is installed, create a new account or import your account from PC using the seed phrase.

4. Go to Plantsvsundead, and click Farm. Login using Metamask. A new window will pop up, you have to open that window to login to your Metamask. After logging in, another window will pop up again to allow permission. Just click approve.

5. Now go back to the original window. If you were able to log in successfully, you should be getting a “farm maintenance” error. Wait for 24 hours so that your wallet will be added to the batches. After 24 hours (you can actually check from time to time if you can log in), check the PVU batch schedule and try to log in at the given time, newcomers are usually put on batch 3.

6. If you can now login to the farm, it means your wallet is already listed on batches that can farm. You have now to add PVU token to your account. If Binance Smart Chain is not added to your account automatically, you might need to add it manually. Follow this guide on how and where to buy PVU token.

Using Metamask built-in browser:

1. Download Metamask app on the given link above.

2. Create an account or import an account from PC using a seed phrase or QR code.

2. Click on the hamburger icon in the upper left corner of the app.

3. Click on the “Browser”.

4. Go to Plants vs Undead and start farming. (listing time still applies just like in regular browsers).


Thru PVU Mobile App:

1. Go to PVU official site and download the Android app.

2. Login with your account QR code.

3. Get your QR code under “My account” in your dashboard.