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How to pay CENECO bill online via BDO App

You can now pay your CENECO bills online via BDO App. You just need to have a BDO online banking account and money.

To pay your CENECO bill, you have to enroll CENECO as your biller in BDO online. After enrollment, you can pay your bill smoothly.

Here’s how to pay your CENECO bill online via BDO Mobile app
1. Log in to your BDO Mobile App or (BDO iOS)
2. On the lower-left corner, tap on more.



3. Once you have the menu, tap on “Enrollment Services”


4. Under the “Enrollment Services” menu, choose “Enroll Company/Biller”.

5. Scroll down and look for CENECO and tap it. You can also utilize the search button and type CENECO until the option pops up.

6. Enter your CENECO account number under the “Subscribe Number”. Enter the name on the bill. It’s better to have your old CENECO receipt or bills to make sure the information matched.

Payment channel: IB for internet banking, tap it for other options.

Account number: it is a number in bold in your bill. It is also on your official receipt when you paid the bill.

Account name: Whatever is the name on the receipt, that is the name you should use.

Preferred nickname: this is just an identifier. It doesn’t matter what you put here. You can add “CENECO”.

Once you are sure about the information, you may continue with the enrollment.

6. After enrolling, you can now pay for your bill. Tap on “Pay Bills” at the bottom menu of the app.

7. The newly enrolled CENECO biller should be on the menu now. Tap it.

8. Choose the sourced account and the money you want to pay for the bill. I suggest paying the exact amount. Click continue.

9. Posting of the payment took 3 business days.

To make sure the payment went through, you can check the status of your payment on the CENECO mobile app. Check this guide to know more about it.

My personal experience paying my CENECO bill using BDO app was very smooth. The payment status on my account took around 2 business days to change from unpaid to paid.