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How to merge your pdf files for FREE

It is easy to merge your PDF files to one single file without buying additional license to your free adobe softwares.

In this tutorial, allow me to share with you how simple it is to merge your PDF files online for free.
1. Gather the files you want to merge to one folder. Rename your files in a way you can identify its order. I usually use 1.pdf, 2.pdf, 3.pdf, etc.
merging pfd-folder
Files to be merged is added in one folder
pdf merge-adding files
files are numbered so it is easy to arrange
2. Go to PDF Mergy website(pdfmerge.w69b.com).
pdf merge-website
screencap from the website
3. Upload the files you want to merge. Since I kept my files in my PC, I used the click files from my computer from the option. When you’re in the folder where the files is located, press ctrl+A to select all files.

4. Wait for all files to be uploaded. Make sure the files are in correct order. Click the merge button and wait for a few seconds. The files can be reordered by dragging it up and down. Once everything is in the right place, click the merge button on the upper right.
Files should be in correct orders. The 1.pdf will serve as the first page or few pages followed by the next numbered files. 
5. Merging time depends on the size of the documents and the speed of your internet connection. Once ready, the site will say that “Your merged PDF is ready!”. Download your files or save it to your google drive.

Why I use the PDF Mergy?

I prefer to use this website because it is very simple to use and easy to understand. I also take into consideration that your files is not kept on the server for their future use.

“We use SSL to transfer data securely. All the files you upload as well as merged PDF will be deleted permanently within a few minutes.”

I can’t confirm that but that’s what it said on their privacy statement. Please use it at your own risk.

This is not a paid tutorial, I really use this and I just want to share it with you.