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How to get hospitalization and medical assistance from DSWD

If run out of options on where to seek help from hospital bills, lab request, prescription medicine, etc., you can go to DSWD to ask for medical or hospitalization assistance.

DSWD medical assistance
This requirement came from our local DSWD office


  • Individual/family in a crisis situation
  • Not yet availed of any grant for the year
  • Indigent of barangay where you resides

Here are the basic requirements to avail of medical assistance:

  • Certificate of indigency – a certificate that you are a resident of your barangay, you can get this from your local barangay hall.
  • Clinical Abstract or Medical Certificate with the signature of the Physician’s signature and PTR number– for the hospitalized patient, you need to secure a copy of med cert or clinical abstract. You can request this at the medical records of the hospital. Ask for assistance from the attending nurse.
  • Billing statement or partial bill – you can get this from the hospital billing department
  • Laboratory Request/Medical Procedures
  • Valid ID

Once you have secured these requirements, have 3 photocopies of each document and go to your local DSWD office. They will let you fill out some forms and will undergo an interview.

Sometimes, the help is immediately released, sometimes, you will be notified once the assistance is already available.