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How to find your precinct number online

Election day is just around the corner. Once again, Filipinos are given the chance to exercise their right to vote.

While the right to vote is such a powerful voice that every qualified Filipino is entitled to, it may become hard when it comes to choosing the right candidates to give your precious vote to.

With all the commercials we see on TV and in posters or flyers, it’s as if everyone is eager to serve the nation. However, all of these can be part of just another propaganda so, everyone is encouraged to scrutinize the candidates very well and give the vote to the deserving candidates.

While choosing the best candidate may already be a dilemma, an additional problem may occur during the election day, that is – the struggle to find one’s voting precinct.

Just imagine walking through the many classrooms of a school just to try and find your name. Well, that sure is stressful especially for people who have little to no patience at all.

Well, we have some great news for you! You can now seek your voting precinct in advance via the online site created by the Commission on Elections.

The said site is even an easy site to navigate! One only has to key-in their First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name. Then, choose the province and the municipality or the city where you will cast your vote.

The site then automatically does the searching for you. This is really a very convenient way to find your voting precinct number without the hassle of looking through classroom by the classroom to try and find your name.

So hurry and find yours now! Just click this link to go directly to the Voting Precinct Finder site.