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How to disable annoying notifications from apps on your phone

A few years ago, notifications from our apps are not that so obstructive to our daily lives. It seems like these apps right now especially online shopping apps are unstoppable in pushing notifications to the point that it is already annoying.

If you think the same thing, I have good news for you because these “push notifications” can be easily disabled right on your phone without actually uninstalling it.

Before doing so, here’s what will happen if you’re going to do this.


  1. You will no longer receive any notifications from this app. Which is good if you find it annoying.
  2. You won’t get tempted to but things you don’t really need. (For online shopping app)
  3. You don’t have to uninstall the app and you can still use it if you need it.
  4. More savings.


  1. (For online shopping app) If you have ordered something, you will no longer receive an automatic notification about it. But you can still check it if you open the app and check the order history.

Bottom line is, notifications from the app will no longer be visible on your phone and you have to do things manually.

Here’s how to do it:

When we install an application on our phone, most likely this app has automatic permission to show you notifications right on top of your phone. We will disable that permission so it can’t show notification anymore.

For android phones:

Go to your phone’s Settings (Gear icon)

Then look for Apps ( this will give you the list of apps on your phone)

Tap the App (For example I want to disable notifications from Aliexpress)

Scroll down to App Settings and find Notifications

Disable notifications and you’re done!

You can also do this on your browser app if you want to get rid of the push notification it is sending to you.