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How to continue PAG-IBIG contribution

For some reason, there may be cases where a person may fail to continuously pay their mandatory deductions as employed individuals. May it is because of resignation or the end of contracts for others, one may find themselves questioning as to how they can continue paying their monthly premiums to the various government agencies.

Well, in the case of Pag-IBIG fund, records of contributions made by an existing member which has stopped working or have made defaults in the supposed monthly payments are still kept on a system. So, when the member decides to continue payments either voluntarily or through a different employer, he may do so.

However, the Fund does not accept/allow retroactive payments for those unpaid months. It will automatically be considered as gap/s in the monthly contributions.

These are the things required for a person to start or continue their contribution payments to Pag-IBIG Fund:


Filipinos who are not regularly employed but belong to other working groups can join the Pag-IBIG Fund on a voluntary basis.

To join Pag-IBIG:

  1. Submit accomplished Membership Data Form (2 copies) and all required documents to the Marketing Division of the concerned Pag-IBIG branch office (bring all originals for authentication)
  2. Secure Payment Order Form (POF) from Marketing staff and proceed to Cash Division for payment of contributions
  3. For succeeding payments, bring 2 photocopies of Official Receipt (bring the original copy of OR for authentication) and present all verified/stamped documents to Marketing Division.
  4. Secure Payment Order Form before proceeding to Cash Division for payment of contribution

REQUIREMENTS FOR INDIVIDUAL PAYORS (IP) – depending on the source of income

  • Certificate of Employment & Compensation (notarized)
  • Latest payslip (last 2 months)
  • Photocopy of Company ID
  • Latest Income Tax Return (ITR) with Financial Statement of the previous year certified by a CPA
  • Certificate of Remittance (for old members)
  • Two 1×1 ID pictures
  • SEC or DTI Registration (should be under the member’s name)
  • Business Permit or Mayor’s Permit
  • Franchise Permit (under the member’s name)
  • Official Receipt or Car Registration (under member’s name)
  • Latest Income Tax Return (previous year)
  • Two 1×1 ID pictures
  • Affidavit of Unemployment
  • Certificate of Remittance
  • Two ID pictures
  • Latest and Valid Contract of Employment (with POEA original stamp)
  • Certificate of Remittance
  • Passport or any Valid ID/POEA license
  • Two 1×1 ID pictures
  • Special Power of Attorney (SPA), in case a representative shall submit the documents and pay the member’s contributions
  • Latest ITR (previous year) or Commission Voucher
  • Certificate of Representation from the company (notarized) or Company ID
  • Certificate of Remittance or ESAV (for old members)
  • Two 1×1 ID pictures
  • Certificate of Employment and Compensation
  • Valid ID of Employer and Employee
  • Duly accomplished Member’s Contribution Remittance Form

  • Latest ITR (previous year)
  • Certificate of Remittance (for old members)
  • Two 1×1 ID pictures
  • Written consent from member-employed/working spouse
  • Certificate of Employment and Compensation of member-working spouse (notarized)
  • Affidavit of Unemployment
  • Two 1×1 ID pictures
  • If member-spouse has own business

–  Latest ITR (previous year)
–  Business Permit or Mayor’s Permit
–  SEC or DTI Registration

  •  Monthly contributions of unemployed members (reactivating or non-working spouse) shall be P200.00
  • The unemployed member has the option to upgrade his monthly contributions, but may not downgrade the amount
  • Individual payors or voluntary members have the option to choose their terms of payment, e.g monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, etc.

To reactivate and continue your contribution, you may submit a Members Data Form together with an affidavit of unemployment (for unemployed) to Pag-IBIG Fund branch where your previous employer remits your contribution.

For Self-employed with Business, accomplish Members Data form attached a copy of the Mayor’s or Business Permit or ITR.

For self-employed under the waived company, accomplished Members Data form with a certificate of employment from your employer.

For employed, kindly fill out the Members Data form and submit it to your company.

Once your Pag-IBIG account is updated, you can now easily pay your monthly contribution online.

We hope this article has been helpful to you regarding your queries to continue monthly contributions to Pag-IBIG Fund.

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  1. Di na po pwede bayaran yung mga months na nag lapse. Yung current month and following months nalang pwedeng bayaran.

    1. If you are still of working age, you need to have an active MP1 first. Retired employees can still have MP2 despite not having an active MP1 account.

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