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How to easily check CENECO bill online

There is a way for you now to check your CENECO bill online. You just need to have an android phone and an internet connection.

To check your bill online, you need first to register your account on Ceneco Mobile app. You will also need your account name and account number during the registration.

Here are the steps to check your CENECO bill online:
1. Download CENECO Mobile app on Playstore.

ceneco mobile playstore

2. Open the App and tap the “Sign Up” link under the login field.

Ceneco Mobile signup

3. Enter your CENECO account number, account name, email address, and password.

check ceneco bills online registration

Your account number is a 7-digit number at the top of your previous payment receipt. It can also be located at the bottom and top part of the bill with the label account number. The account name is the name on the bill or receipt.

4. You can now login and check the last three latest bills. You can also see the status of the bill if it is already paid. Remember, updating the status of bill payments online may take up to 3 days to reflect on the account.
CENECO bill online recent
From the latest bills menu, you will be able to see your last few bills, the due date, and the disconnection dates.

From the list of bills, there is also the due date and the date of disconnection so you can be guided accordingly of when you can pay your bill.

Aside from the bill, there is also some information you can get from the CENECO App. On the left side menu, you can check the list of CENECO payment partners where you can pay your bill.

Recently, CENECO also announced that they partnered with BDO to collect bills online. A very convenient way to pay your bill if you have BDO online banking. We will also post another tutorial on how to pay your CENECO bill thru BDO online.