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How to cash in from BDO to GCASH

You can now cash-in to your GCASH account from your BDO online banking account right on the web or your mobile app. You don’t have to go to 7-11 to have your Gcash reloaded because you can do it now online.

To cash-in from BDO account to GCASH do the following steps:
1. Log in to your BDO account (Web or Mobile App)
2. Find “Send money” and choose “To Another Local Bank”
3. Choose “Proceed without a template” and continue
4. Fill out the following
  • transaction type – credit to other bank
  • transfer from – your account with enough fund
  • Amount – desired amount to cash in
  • Destination bank – “GCASH(GXI)”.
  • Destination account number- your Gcash number
  • Fill out receiver details which are the names and other information under the Gcash account
  • And you’re done!

If you want to do the opposite like GCASH to BDO, check this a simple tutorial for you.