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How to add Factory Chain in Metamask for PVU PVP

We can now add the Factory Chain in Metamask in preparation for the upcoming PVP mode of Plants vs Undead (PVP).

This information was taken straight from the substack channel of Plants vs Undead.

To add Factory chain in Metamask do the following:

1. Open your Metamask and click the Networks option as shown.

metamask networks

2. Now click the Custom RPC at the bottom.

Custom RPC in Metamask

3. Fill out the fields with the following details and hit save.

Network Name: Factory Chain

▸New RPC URL: https://rpc.factorychain.io

▸Chain ID: 1997

▸Symbol: FAC

▸Block Explorer URL: https://scan.factorychain.io/

Here is a video from my own phone.

Adding FPVU on Metamask:

1. Switch your network in Metamask to Factory Chain.

2. Click the “Import tokens” link.

3. Under the token contract, paste the FPVU contract address in Factory Chain.

PVU Contract Address: 0x164bec63575f49ac7fc6b68526bbf5205bdbb301

4. To add the FUSD token, import the token again and paste this address.

FUSD Contract Address: 0xd18f0b04bece380d21af2d5b7e9d40e9745a8cd3

Sources: PVU Substack, PVU Discord