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How to activate BPI debit card for online payment

Can’t pay your Lazada or Shoppe order using BPI debit card? You’re not alone! It turns out, there is a switch that can be turned on in our online banking account to use our card for online transactions.

To activate your BPI debit card for online payment, do the following steps.
1. Log on to your BPI Mobile App or BPI Online using your browser. Make sure that you are logging in a legitimate BPI website.
2. On the left hand side menu, look for “Other Services” and click.

BPI debit card online payment

3. Under the card option, click on “Card Control“.

card control-BPI debit card online payment

4. Now click on “Show Card Settings“.

card settings-BPI debit card online activation

5. Then make sure that ecommerce access is enabled. This simple button will let you use your card for online shopping.

What is ecommerce?
Ecommerce or Electronic Commerce is a process of buying and selling goods and services using the internet.

After enabling your ecommerce access to your card, make sure that you only use it on legitimate website  and can be trusted.

It is also wise to use third party payment gateways like Paymaya, Paypal, or Payoneer and link it to your card when making online transaction to protect your card from illegal access  when hacked.