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How and where to buy FPVU token

FPVU token is the in-game token in PVU PVP mode. To buy this token, you need to have a BUSD in Binance Smart Chain, and FAC token in Factory Chain.

Buying BUSD: BNB to BUSD in Binance Smart Chain

1. Buy BUSD using your Binance Smart Chain. You can swap from BNB to BUSD or other tokens to BUSD. You can do this via Metamask or Pancake Swap.

2. Once you have BUSD under Smart Chain, you need to buy FAC token. FAC will be used for the gas fee when in Factory Chain transactions. It is equivalent to BNB in Smart Chain.

Setting up Factory Chain in Metamask:

Add a Custom RPC in Metamask using the following information. Check the step-by-step guide here.

Network Name: Factory Chain

▸New RPC URL: https://rpc.factorychain.io

▸Chain ID: 1997

▸Symbol: FAC

▸Block Explorer URL: https://scan.factorychain.io/

Buying FAC Token: BUSD in Smart Chain to FAC in Factory Chain


Buying FUSD token: (BUSD in BSC to FUSD in Factory Chain)

FUSD is the equivalent of BUSD in Smart Chain. You also need BUSD to buy(convert) FUSD token.

  • Go to this site https://bridge.factorychain.io/ and connect your Metamask in Smart Chain.
  • Add the amount of BUSD you want to convert to FUSD and click confirm.

Buying FPVU Token: (FUSD in Factory Chain to FPVU in Factory Chain)

For now, the only way to buy FPVU is by swapping it to FUSD. Both tokens are in Factory Chain. Gas fee in this transaction is now FAC token.

Summary to buy FPVU token:

1. BNB or USDT or PVU to BUSD thru Metamask or Pancake Swap ( Using BSC Network)

2. Setup Factory Chain in Metamask

3. BUSD to FAC token using BSC Network

4. BUSD to FUSD using BSC Network

5. FUSD to FPVU using Factory Chain Network