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How to get Pag-IBIG number online?

It is very easy to get Pag-IBIG numbers online with the help of technology. a Your Pag-IBIG number or better known as MID number (Membership Identification) is one of the requirements needed especially when you are a newly-hired employee.

This number will be used to remit your monthly contributions to the Fund which will later earn you privileges like loans and other benefits.

So, how can you secure a Pag-IBIG number online? The steps are quite simple, but first, make sure to have your government-issued IDs with you and also the vital information about yourself and your family.

Here are the steps to get Pag-IBIG number online
Pag-ibig online services page
Image: Pag-IBIG Fund Site
Step 1: Visit the Pag Ibig Fund website www.pagibigfundservices.com.

While on this page, click on the online services tab. Then, you will see the membership registration option on the left side of your screen. Click on this option and you will be redirected to a registration page.

get pag-ibig number online registration page

Step 2: Fill in the needed information

You will need to fill in several pages for this but one quick reminder is to always make sure the spelling of several names are correct, the significant dates like birthdays and important numbers like SSS, PhilHealth, etc.

Pag-ibig member information page
Image: Pag-IBIG Fund Site

After filling out all the needed information, submit your registration. Then, the successful registration page will show up on your personal computer screen. This means that your Pag-IBIG online registration is complete. Congratulations!!!

Afterward, you will also receive a text message confirming your registration with your registration tracking number (RTN). You will use it when remitting your Pag-IBIG contribution as you wait for your Pag-IBIG membership ID number.

Pro Tip: Make sure to have a copy of your RTN because you will need this when verifying your Pag-IBIG number on any platform.

Here are two ways to verify your Pag-IBIG number:

Via online:

First, you will need to visit the Pag-IBIG Fund website here. Then, fill in your RTN, Last Name, and Date of Birth. Upon clicking submit, your permanent Pag-IBIG number will then be shown.

Via text:

Step 1: You need to send a text message in the following format:
* IDSTAT[RTN][BirthDate in MM/DD/YYYY format]
* For example IDSTAT 987654321091 01/02/1990

Step 2: Send the SMS details to the following numbers:
* GLOBE and Touch Mobile subscribers: 0917 888 4363
* SMART, TALK N TEXT, and SUN subscribers: 0918 898 4363

It’s that easy. After securing your Pag-IBIG number online, make sure to keep these numbers in a secure place because you will need it every time you transact with Pag-IBIG Fund.