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First time job seekers can now avail of free certifications and clearances

We all know that it is incredibly hard to find a job especially if one has no experience at all or those that are seeking out jobs for the first time. Aside from the fact that landing on a job is already a struggle, it is even an additional burden for someone to pay for clearances and certifications which are requirements for any job given that they are still not earning any amount of money.

So, here’s a piece of really good news for first-time job seekers out there! President Rodrigo Duterte has signed a law that will waive fees from various government agencies for first-time job seekers.

Photo Credits: Inquirer

“First Time Job Seekers Assistance Act” or the Republic Act 11261 was signed into law by the President on April 10. This law aims to provide first-time job seekers the chance to seek jobs freely without worrying about where they should get the money to pay for the requirements needed to be hired.

Under this new law, government agencies are barred from collecting fees or charges from a first-time job seeker provided that the fee is in connection with the application of certificates or documents that are usually required in seeking employment. The said benefit may only be availed once.

Application for the following documents will be free of charge under the new law:

1. Police clearance certificate
2. National Bureau of Investigation clearance
3. Barangay clearance
4. Medical certificate from a public hospital
5. Birth certificate
6. Marriage certificate
7. Transcript of academic records issued by state colleges and universities
8. Tax Identification Number (TIN)
9. Unified Multi-Purpose ID (UMID) card
10. Other documentary requirements issued by the government that may be required by employers for job applicants

Photo Credits: ABS-CBN

Rates for these documents vary, from P100 to P400 each.

According to ABS-CBN, first-time job seekers availing of the benefits under the new law are required to present a barangay certification that he or she is seeking employment for the first time.

The exemption, however, does not cover fees collected in connection to an application to take a professional licensure examination, application for a Philippine passport, authentication of documents from the Department of Foreign Affairs, application for a Career Service Examination, and an application for a driver’s license.

This sure is a big help for all first-time job seekers out there. So, what are you waiting for? Apply for your dream job now to avail of this assistance from the government!