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DSWD NCR registration link for education assistance

If you are looking for DSWD NCR registration link for educational assistance, this is the right place. In this post, we will repost the link with a detailed guide.

This link is only applicable to NCR residents. If you are not from NCR, please do not submit an application using this link.

Here are the steps and the link on how to apply for DSWD educational assistance in NCR

Step 1:

Scan the QR code or go to the link: forms.gle/4KohFYnbamsyiNGJ6

DSWD registration link
Photo via DSWD NCR Facebook page


Step 2: 

Fill out all the necessary information and upload the needed documents.

Step 3: 

Review all the information and documents before hitting the submit button.

Step 4: 

Wait for a text or call from DSWD NCR regarding the status of your application.

DSWD reiterates that they will not accept walk-in applicants. Only applications using the link will be accommodated.  Applicants from public schools will be given priority.

4Ps members and students who have a scholarship grant are not qualified for this program.

Source: DSWD NCR