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Cryptoblades: Answers to most common questions

These are the most common questions especially by beginners who want to join or just have joined Cryptoblades.

What are the CBC and CBW tokens in Metamask?


CBC token is “CryptoBlades Character” token. It is a token used to track characters. Similarly, CBW or “CryptoBlade Weapon” token is used to track your weapons. These tokens will be used when listing or selling the character and weapon in the marketplace. So don’t mess up with this token. Leave it there.

CBW and CBC token in Cryptoblades
This account has 4 characters and 4 weapons in it
Is the gas fee for fighting is 0.0025 BNB?


No! This is only based on the set limit. The final fee will be reflected after the successful transaction. Check the sample gas fee below.

This is usually the gas fee for fighting.
How to find out if the item you are selling is already sold?

Answer: When the Skill is already added to your Metamask account and you can no longer find your character/weapon using the search function. You may also check the market and look for your character/weapon if it has a sold tag already.

How much is the fee for selling Character/ weapon?


Cryptoblade adds 10% service fee on top of your selling price. For example, if you are selling your character for 1 skill, there will be an additional 0.1 skill added to it when listed to the marketplace. You won’t pay for it, the buyer will be the one to pay.

How much is the starting capital to play?


Price of characters and weapons all the time. The best way to know for sure is to make a Metamask account, add funds to it like 0.001 BNB so that you can open the portal.

Then check how much is the recruit price to mint a character at the “Plaza” menu. This fee is in “Skill” so you may use the Coingecko to convert this skill in USDT/UST or pesos (PHP).

In one account, you can have a maximum of 4 characters and at least one weapon.