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Cryptoblades tricks for beginners with limited funds and high winning chance

If you are planning to join Cryptoblades play-to-earn game and wondering if should you buy or recruit a new character, then this article is for you especially if you have limited funds.

If you are new to the game, here are some tricks that can save you some money and increase your chance to win battles.

Choosing your team

1. First thing I can suggest is to recruit a character. Why? If you recruit a character, you will get a free weapon(not really free, it will be added to your gas fee). Although this weapon is usually rated 1-star, it is still a weapon and you can definitely use it for future battles.

2. Instead of forging a sword, buy a weapon in the marketplace with the same element as your character. This way, you will increase your chance by 7.5% in every battle if the character’s trait matched the weapon’s traits.

So if you get a lightning-type character from your first recruit, buy a lightning-type weapon. Usually, the price of forging a sword is already the price of a high-quality 2-star weapon which is enough to win battles.

Once you have enough Skills, you can try to forge some weapons and try your luck to get an expensive 5-star weapon.

3. Buy your 2nd, 3rd, and 4th characters with the same trait of your weapon. If you recruit your next characters, the characters you get are random. Remember, a matched traits of character and weapon increases your attack power by 7.5%. ( I will make another article on how to buy a character)

4. In summary, you have 4 characters with the same element, one high-quality 2-star weapon with the same element(preferable with the same stat), and one free weapon.

5. Don’t go to war just yet. Go to Cryptoblades simulator. This site is a lifesaver for high-risk players just like me. Here, you can run a simulation of every battle and see your chance of success against the opponent.

Take a look at the screenshots below,

Combat simulator:

Screenshot from combat simulation

Actual combat:

Actual combat which is exactly the same as the simulation

From this example, in the actual battle, it says that I am VERY LIKELY to win against the 4th water-typed opponent. Meanwhile, in the simulator, it says that I have 100% chance of winning against the opponent with matching XP gain and an accurate skill reward.

To use the simulator, simply add an account, the name is the tracker’s name and the address is your Metamask address.

You may also want to read the whitepaper so you can be more familiar with how to game works.