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Cryptoblades simulator: Where to find it and how to use it

Cryptoblades simulator is a very useful tool for all players in many ways. In this article, we will teach you where to find it and how to use it.

To use the Cryptoblades simulator, follow the steps below:

1. Go to Cryptoblades simulator site called CB tracker.

2. Add your Cryptoblade account in the simulator/tracker by clicking on “Add Account” button.

3. Copy the address from Metamask wallet from the account you want to track and use.

  • metamask wallet address

4. Paste the address in the address field and click “Add”.

Cryptoblades add account

5. And just like that, you now have access to all important information on your account such as your total Skills in your wallet, total BNB balance, total Skill asset, the current price of Skill.

You can also see your character’s information such as your XP gained, stamina, element, level, and ID number. You can also make a combat simulation here to increase your chance to win in every battle. This is perhaps the most important feature of this tracker.

How to use Cryptoblades combat simulator:


1. Click the Combat simulator button on the left side.

Cryptobalde tracker dashboard

2. Select the character, the weapon you want to use, stamina multiplier, and click Run.

Cryptoblades combat simulator result

The result will give you the chance of winning the battle, the XP can be gained, and of course how much Skill you can gain from this. From all the results, you can decide which weapon you are going to use and which opponent to attack.

Pro tip: If you have multiple weapons, try to change your weapon and run another simulation and compare the best result. I usually look at the chance of success and the rewards. (You might have another preference).

If you are still planning to play the game, check this tutorial for beginners.

Disclaimer: Crypto games such as Cryptoblades gives tokens as rewards whose value changes very fast(volatile). Your investment in the game can make a lot of money or go broke in just a short period of time. Invest wisely.