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How I solve our clogged sink with this drain cleaner

I this article, I will share with you how I solved our problem after our sink got clogged by oil and other “ewy” matter.

I tried several DIY methods to fix our clogged sink, unfortunately, I was not able to make it to work.

Tried hot water, liquid Sosa, Baking Soda, but it seems like Incredible hulk is inside pushing the water back on our sink.

Did research on Youtube, Lazada, and Shopee and finally found the perfect product that I think can finally solve my problem.

I purchased it from Lazada for only 400+ pesos plus shipping. It was a 5-meter mechanical drain cleaner sold by Buildmate.

I usually see this brand on our local Citi Hardware and some of our doorknobs were also made by Creston so this gives me an intuition that this is a good brand.

It is made in Aluminum and it is really sturdy and will last in time if properly taken care of.

Sure enough, right after I received it, it works like magic. Our problem is solved just like that.

Choosing the right size

The product listing has 3 sizes.


Since our drain pipe is 2″ in diameter and quite far from the sink to the catch basin, I choose the 3/8″x5m variant.

I hope this post will help you solved your problem as well on your clogged sink.

Anyway, be careful of using chemical cleaners. Check this video from KMJS to know what I’m talking about.

This is not a paid promotion.