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How to add Heco Mainnet in Metamask for Cryptoblades

Cryptoblades announced that it is now live in HECO Mainnet to make the game profitable for players by lowering the gas fee per battle.

To add Heco Mainnet to your Metamask, follow the steps below:

1. Open your Metamask account.

2. Click on your current network(for example Binance Smart Chain) then click “Add Custom RPC” at the bottom.

3. Fill out the following fields.

Here is a the so you can do copy and pasting.


4. Save and you’re done.

Adding funds on HECO Wallet

Using the bridge function in Butterswap, we can easily convert our BNB from Binance Smart Chain to HT in HECO Mainnet. HT will be the new gas fee currency to be used in Cryptoblades using the new HECO Mainnet.

We need at least $30 worth of BNB to convert BNB to HT.

NFT from BSC is not yet transferrable to HECO Mainnet. To play now, you have to mint a new character and you need SKILLS in HECO Wallet.

Using Butterswap, you can change HT to Skills by going to trade. Check below the contract address of Skills in HECO so you can add it manually during conversion.

  • SKILLS Contract Address( HECO Mainnet)- 0x27d4DfDB3fDf58e198bA4dbc23B2F82c0b8e3405